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Progressive Web Apps: The Next Mobile Experience?
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and here’s why:

1. Progressive Mobile Apps are a web application that act the same as iOS and Android without the added friction of downloads, and added costs.
2. Seamless across ALL devices – your customers won’t know the difference.
3. Mobile Loyalty is available fall of 2017 (fall begins end of Sept)
4. Push Notifications are available NOW on Android phones, and on Apple devices soon!
5. Lower data usage and Improves SEO!
6. Uses QR Codes and a Unique URL link for downloading the app.
7. Because PMA’s use a URL (or QR code), they are instantly downloadable (no hurdles to jump, no authorizations, or loss of app downloads)
8. The reach compared to native apps is 2.5 times bigger!
9. App users will have an icon for the app that will appear on their device home screen
10. Do not need a Developer Account with Apple or Google Play ($$ Savings)
11. Bizness Apps updates and new releases will happen in real time!!! (HUGE money & time savings) NO $50 BA update costs. NO $50 update fee from me. NO loss of time.
12. Bizness Apps charges $500 to send the app to the Apple and Google Play store. Also, Bizness Apps designs/develops the app.
13. I charge a minimum of $350 for a PWA, and I am available on Skype to discuss concept and changes.

Design – Approximately 60+ Custom Images per app:

  • Custom Graphic images; Home Screen, 5 Slider images that can upon request, link to app tabs. (6 images)
  • Custom Background images for tab backgrounds (Averages 14-15 images)
  • Custom-designed Splash Loading Screens
  • App icon that shows up on the end app users mobile devise
  • Custom Designed Headers; All Tabs(Tablet and Mobile sizes), QR Coupons, Loyalty, Music, Email Tab Forms, etc. (13 to 20 images)
  • Functionality tabs/buttons are arranged to get the correct Screenshots in the publishing area
  • Custom Buttons (when requested, or when I have an idea that really works with the app)


  • Manually merge website information into relevant tabs
  • Many times I have to resize images for the Image Gallery tab
  • Resizing of all images and videos within the app.
  • Colorizing each area of text within tabs. Apple wants colorful, will not except white background with black text.
  • Setting up / Design custom tabs within the app, such as the email tab form, QR Coupons, Loyalty, Food Ordering tab, Merchandise Tab, etc.

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