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Bizness Apps Designing Process

Design – Approximately 60+ Custom Images per app:

  • Custom Graphic images; Home Screen, 5 Slider images that can upon request, link to app tabs. (6 images)
  • Custom Background images for tab backgrounds (Averages 14-15 images)
  • Custom-designed Splash Loading Screens (3 different sizes)
  • App icons for Apple and Google Play(Android) (2 different sizes) as well as a Featured Graphic for GP
  • Custom Designed Headers; All Tabs(Tablet and Mobile sizes), QR Coupons, Loyalty, Music, Email Tab Forms, etc. (13 to 20 images)
  • Functionality tabs/buttons are arranged to get the correct Screenshots in the publishing area
  • Custom Buttons (when requested, or when I have an idea that really works with the app)


  • Manually merge website information into relevant tabs (Bizness Apps merge function does not work)
  • Many times I have to resize images for the Image Gallery tab
  • Resizing of all images and videos within the app.
  • Colorizing each area of text within tabs. Apple wants colorful, will not except white background with black text.
  • I always arrange the Function Tabs for Apples approval. Tabs that your client requests are there but many times will be deactivated until after approval. Tabs can be activated and rearranged after publishing.
  • Setting up / Design custom tabs within the app, such as the email tab form, QR Coupons, Loyalty, Food Ordering tab, Merchandise Tab, etc.

Apple Publishing:

  • Create and add full app description containing SEO elements.
  • App keyword creation beneficial for SEO
  • Create and add 5 to 9 Beneficial App Bullet Points 
  • Request Step 5 Approval from you/your client. Must get approval as there is a BA $50 resubmit charge
  • Submit app to Bizness Apps free review. After receiving supports suggestions, then on to Apple for approval
  • Taking care of all modifications necessary to facilitate Apple’s approval
  • Everything in Step 5 is emailed to you for approval
  • Performing re-submissions, when and if necessary.

Google Play Store (Android) Publishing:

  • APK Key Upload
  • Upload app screenshots for Android (3 images:for each, 9 total)
  • Full app description for Google Play containing SEO elements.
  • Design and upload the Icon and Featured Graphic (2 images)
  • 5 to 9 App Features or Bullet Points
  • Checking all required boxes, and submit for publishing

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