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Apple is Picky When it Comes to Publishing Bizness Apps

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What Industries “CANNOT” be served when publishing to the
Apple and Google Play stores using the Bizness Apps platform.
A PWA-Progressive Web or Mobile App, however, can be
developed/designed for anything under the Sun!

Apple’s Approval Guidelines when it comes to Biznessapps are extremely strict, and must be followed in order to get your app approved!

*An App Company – For example your new app company’s name is Mobile App Masters and you want to create the “Mobile App Masters App”. We will not upload an app such as this. There’s noway Apple will approve it.

*Marketing/ PR / Website Design Companies – If the app name already has “marketing” in the title we will not upload it. Also these industries will never get approved by Apple.

*Weddings or Personal Events Apple will never approve an app that’s for a wedding or any other personal events such as this. It holds no long term value within the marketplace and after the event is over it will most likely never be used again. Apple does not want dead apps floating around their app store.

*Adult Content – This qualifies as an app with overt adult themes, nudity or questionable content. These apps fall along the lines of gentlemen’s clubs, escort services, adult entertainers etc.

Apps created for these types of industries are a big NO GO. They’re extremely hard to create in such a way so that they do not directly violate two of Apple’s biggest rules….

  • Apps cannot be solely marketing in nature, meaning the app cannot simply list your services or things your company has done. There must be a useful function to the app.
  • They must contain dynamic content, meaning there must be a useful function to the App. Will someone find the need to open this App more than once? If not, Apple will disapprove it most likely.

Even if you believe your app doesn’t violate these rules and has a useful purpose, as long as it falls under one of those “No Go” industries Apple will still reject it.

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